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Organic Farming Integral Part of One One Coco Curriculum

To further develop the One One Coco Farm School, the Source Farm Foundation requested the assistance of a volunteer to teach organic farming basics, with skills organizing group activities for hands-on education and training and working knowledge of a broad range of organic farming. Because farmers attending One-One Coco did not have a defined base level of farming or organic practices, a basic level of knowledge had to be established.

Permaculture Expert Teaches at One One Coco

The Source Farm Foundation hosts the annual One One Coco Organic Agriculture School every February. This year, a volunteer was requested to teach Permaculture methods to the students, who were aspiring organic growers from the area of St. Thomas Parish. The volunteer was expected to provide technical assistance in drought-resistant agricultural methods, earthworks for hillside farming, surface water management, erosion control, and low-flow irrigation systems design.

Sustainable Organic Farming Methods Taught in Jamaica

Source Farm Foundation (SFF) requested assistance for local farmers they are working with to help the farmers establish best practices for proper land preparation that meet organic standards, strengthen their ability to develop crop plans and budgets, and improve the farmers market that provides their main marketing outlet. Alex Hitt, of Peregrine Farm, Graham NC and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Farmers' Markets, Inc. was selected to provide technical assistance based on his 33 years of experience in all aspects of horticultural crop production and in teaching and training new farmers in sustainable farming techniques, and his service on the board of Directors of the 35 year old, farmer run and U.S. nationally known, Carrboro Farmers' Market for 29 years.

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