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Organizational Development and Meeting Management Skills Taught to Jamaican Organic Farmers


Jamaican organic farming and farmers organizations have long suffered from poor organizational development and meeting management skills. It became apparent to JSFEP Jamaican partner, the Source Farm Foundation, in their interactions with farmer groups and Jamaican organic agriculture groups that organizational management and development was a critical limiting factor in the growth of sustainable and organic farm enterprises in country. This volunteer request was intended to begin addressing this real world need for organizational tools and skill development.

Volunteers Create Program for Regenerative and Organic Agriculture at the High School and Collegiate Level

As the Jamaican Sustainable Farm Enterprise Program (JSFEP) and The Source Farm Foundation (SFF) has been working with its educational partners and hosts for this volunteer assignment, The College of Agriculture, Science, and Education (CASE) and St. Thomas Technical High School (STTHS), it has become apparent that one of the barriers to regenerative and organic agriculture (ROA) education in Jamaica is the lack of effective model programs and curriculums at the high school and college level. To begin addressing this need in what we hope will be a multiple trip volunteer assignment, JSFEP brought in Chip Hope, from May 17-24, 2015 to do an initial program assessment with suggestions for program development and site development options.

Permaculture Expert Teaches at One One Coco

The Source Farm Foundation hosts the annual One One Coco Organic Agriculture School every February. This year, a volunteer was requested to teach Permaculture methods to the students, who were aspiring organic growers from the area of St. Thomas Parish. The volunteer was expected to provide technical assistance in drought-resistant agricultural methods, earthworks for hillside farming, surface water management, erosion control, and low-flow irrigation systems design.

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