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Florida International Volunteer Corps snubbed by legislators

Florida is unique in many respects, frequently at the cutting edge — sometimes for the best, sometimes not.

Floridians are an unusual lot, boasting one of the more diverse populations in the nation with proud and equally diverse heritages and strong cultural and economic ties throughout the world, particularly within the Americas.

International trade is a significant factor in Florida’s economic growth and prosperity, and of increasing importance moving forward.

Trade relationships within the region are vibrant and expanding. Gov. Rick Scott’s trade missions to Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Panama underscore that point.

FAVACA Grant Writing Seminar Streamed Live!

On Friday,April 19th a virtual seminar in Spanish on International Collaboration and Grant Writing was provided by expert volunteer Laura Trujillo. The workshop was based out of the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia and was streamed live. The workshop was made possible through a collaboration with the US Embassy's Alumni Exchanges office and the US State Department.  

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