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Sorghum Production in Haiti


In Haiti, sorghum production and profitability have been shown to be limited by both biotic and abiotic stresses. To sorghum farmers, one of the principal components of sorghum production is achieving actual yield, which under subsistence farming can be challenging. In order to help, FAVACA sent Dr. Louis K. Prom, a United States Department of Agriculture employee, to Haiti in order to train farmers in the Dumilseau and Bas Groman regions. He was the best person for the job because of his extensive experience in the agricultural field of work in the United States and abroad. 

Innovative Organic Farming in Jamaica

Tony Kleese

Jamaica Sustainable Farm Enterprise

Source Farm Foundation

Beginning in January 2015, FAVACA will be launching a three-year program focused on the development of market-driven organic agricultural production in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. FAVACA seeks to collaborate with local partners to ensure multi-layered sustainable practices across food systems, businesses, institutions, and organizations.

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