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Colombia Exchange Program Participant Bios

Amaury Garcia

Born in Barranquilla, Amaury Garcia has a degree in social science and philosophy from the University of Simon Bolivar. Currently heworks as a social studies teacher at the “Aprendo Foundation”. He specializes in his work with special needs children. He also serves as the leader for the activities and projects, creating strategies to generate sustainable social programs. Before joining the “Aprendo Foundation”, Amaury Garcia had worked in several institutions of secondary education as a teacher in the area of social studies and gained experience in youth and community work, and training of young social entrepreneurs. Currently, Amaury Garcia, using the platform provided by the “Aprendo Foundation”, works in the formation of new leaders with awareness and social competence.

Fostering Women’s Empowerment in Colombia

The Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and Americas (FAVACA) launched a professional exchange program between the Florida and Colombia that will give civil society and government leaders from underserved communities in Colombia the knowledge and tools to build leadership capacity, address their communities’ needs and improve opportunities for women. The program will provide hands-on experience in areas such as organizational strengthening, community advocacy, and training in gang and human trafficking prevention, criminal and drug rehabilitation, job creation, and community leadership.

Women in Production 2011 – Promoting Haiti’s Creative Industries

FAVACA encourages you to visit the "Women in Production 2011" international trade fair June 24-26, 2011 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL.

"Women in Production" is a Femmes en Démocratie initiative in collaboration with the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida. This event will bring together artisans, designers and entrepreneur women from Haiti and Haitian Diaspora communities in Florida, who will exhibit and sell their products to Florida businesses and the general public. You may find more information about this event schedule and activities at:

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