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Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement, Inc.

Express your support for FAVACA’s partner, Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement,Inc. by making a donation today. You can donate with your Visa or MasterCard by entering or selecting an amount below:


Membership dues



If you are a current resident of Dominica and would like to become a member at the reduced rate for residents only, please contact the DOAM office at:

DOAM Vision Statement

DOAM’s vision is for a sustainable food system in Dominica that is based on organic practices, fair trade and labor policies, and food security for all of its citizens.

You can make a donation to support the general operations of the organization or you can designate your donation to a special project.

DOAM Mission Statement

DOAM will facilitate the development of a sustainable food system in Dominica through strategic education, organizing, and business development activities.

For more information about DOAM, please click here.

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