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Nicaragua Professional Exchange Program


For the first time in 19 years, entrepreneurs for Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast will participate in the EXPONICA trade fair at the Tamiami Park and Expo Center November 13-15. The event exhibits Latin American arts, crafts, cultural customs, music, and food. FAVACA along BAC Florida Bank and the American Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and EXPONICA will partner to support 13 participants from the Atlantic Coast.

Nicaragua Internship in South Florida

Click on the picture to see a slideshow of the interns

Following-up on the March 2009 exchange program, FAVACA sponsored 13 participants, including 2 first-time travelers to the program to visit South Florida and participate in a month-long internship program.

Exchange Participants

View all of the Nicaraguans who in FAVACA’s Professional Exchange Program. Several of the participants have their own websites for you to view!


Exchange Participant's Website

Karim Zeledon Espinoza participated in FAVACA’s Professional Exchange Program in which she obtained training on e-commerce and how to make herself visible on the web. Espinoza was also able to link several other participants to her website and FAVACA encourages you to view her website. Please check out her page!

Nicaragua Exchange Program Comes to South Florida

FAVACA hosted 30 Nicaraguan participants for the a professional exchange program to empower young Nicaraguan entrepreneurs through creative thinking and improved business skills to help increase the revenue and productivity of their companies and be better able to better address residents' needs in their communities.

Nicaragua Programa Profesional de Cambio

Se invita a mujeres y varones participar en programa de intercambio para la promoción, autogestión y desarrollo micro-empresarial, a través de asistencia técnica y capacitación entre expertos de Florida y Nicaragua.

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